Liquid Oxygen Scavenger

Easy to Use:
Liquid can be fed directly to boiler or feed water tank.
Highly Effective: Removes dissolved oxygen to prevent pitting corrosion.

Dissolved oxygen is a serious cause of corrosion in steam generating systems. BWT-110 is an easy to use liquid oxygen scavenger which will rapidly remove dissolved oxygen from feed water and boiler water. BWT-110 will prevent pitting and the resulting expense of retubing and down time. The removal of oxygen also protects return lines from pitting by preventing oxygen from escaping with the steam.

Dosage and Testing:
A sufficient amount of BWT-110 should be fed to maintain a sulfite residual of 30-60 ppm in the boiler water. Your representative will recommend the proper dosage for your system and operating conditions.

BWT-110 is optimally fed directly from the shipping container to the feed water tank via an automatic feed system. This maximizes results while allowing economical product use. It can also be hand fed via shot feeder.

Regular service calls will be made by your representative. Any recommendations and adjustments for correct use will be discussed with appropriate personnel at this time.

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