Boiler Water Treatment

One treatment does the job of sludge conditioner, alkalinity builder, softener, oxygen scavenger, and neutralizing amine. Complete treatment for steam boilers and condensate lines.

Effective over a broad operating range.

Easy to Use:
Simple fast and reliable testing procedures.

BWT-160 is a complete liquid treatment for boilers with high make-up requirements and hard make-up water (hardness = 20-250ppm). This unique single package treatment contains alkalinity builder and softeners to prevent scale formation. The highly effective sludge conditioner prevents sludge from adhering to tubes and improves boiler efficiency. A proven oxygen scavenger prevents pitting corrosion of boiler tubes. The neutralizing amine raises condensate pH to prevent grooving attack of return lines.

Dosage and Testing:
A sufficient amount of BWT-160 should be fed to maintain the boiler water ìPî alkalinity in the 300-600 ppm range. Your representative will recommend the proper dosage based on your operating conditions.

Feed continuously by chemical feed pump to the boiler feed water line, condensate receiver or make-up tank. It can also be fed via shot feeder. Do not feed more than 2 pints at one time. Small doses applied more often give better results than large doses applied infrequently.

Regular service calls will be made by your representative. All recommendations and adjustments for correct use will be discussed with operating personnel at this time.

5 Gallon Pails
30 Gallon Drum
55 Gallon Drum