Patriot Industrial Technologies, Ltd.


Closed System Treatment

Complete Corrosion Protection:
A Combination of inhibitors protects both ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Does not contain phosphates, chromates or other heavy metals.

Energy Saving:
Removes and prevents corrosion and scale deposits that reduces heat transfer.

BWT-150 is a highly effective borate-nitrite corrosion inhibitor system. An organic copper alloy corrosion inhibitor gives superior results when compared to other treatments. A dispersant prevents deposits from forming and removes light to medium rust and deposits already in the system. This provides optimum heat transfer and efficiency. BWT-150 may be used for protection of hot loops and chilled loops. It is compatible with glycol heat transfer fluid.

Dosage and Testing:
A sufficient amount of BWT-150 depends on the water capacity of the system. Add 4 gallons of BWT-150 for each 1000 gallons of water in the system. A nitrite residual of 800-1200 is required for proper protection. Your representative will recommend the proper dosage for your system and operating conditions.

Add the required quantity of BWT-150 to the system using a by-pass shot feeder, or a chemical pump. The feeder or pump can be installed any convenient an accessible location in the system.

Regular service calls will be made by your representative. All recommendations and adjustments for correct use will be discussed with operating personnel at this time.

5 Gallon Pails
30 Gallon Drums
55 Gallon Drums