Patriot Industrial Technologies, Ltd.


Condensate Return Treatment

Reduces Maintenance:
Stops corrosion and prevents leak damage.

Highly Effective:
Carries to all parts of steam system, even in high rise buildings.

BWT-180 vaporizes with the steam and carries throughout the entire system. When the steam condenses back to water, BWt-180 raises its pH to prevent carbon dioxide grooving.

Dosage and Testing:
A sufficient amount of BWT-180 should be fed to maintain a condensate pH level of 7.5 to 8.5. Your representative will recommend the proper dosage for your system and operating conditions.

BWT-180 is optimally fed directly from the shipping container to the feed water line or directly into the steam header via an automatic feed system. This maximizes results while allowing economical product use. Do not mix the concentrate with other treatments. When mixing in a tank add water first, then add BWT-180

Regular service calls will be made by your representative. Any recommendations and adjustments for correct use will be discussed with appropriate personnel at this time.

5 Gallon Pails
30 Gallon Drums
55 Gallon Drums