Patriot Industrial Technologies, Ltd.


Cooling Water Dispersant

Improves Heat Transfer:
Keeps metal surfaces clean.

Prevents Scale:
Sequestrants and crystal modifiers prevent fouling.

Removes Present Deposits:
Helps keep tower and equipment surfaces clean.

CWT-230 is recommended for use in once through and open recirculating systems. It will maintain particulates in suspension so they can be bled from system. CWT-230 will prevent deposition of metal oxides and inorganic scale. It is very effective in systems where the cooling tower is exposed to air born particulate material.

Dosage and Testing:
A sufficient amount of CWT-230 should be fed either continuously or intermittently to maintain 4 ppm of residual phosphonate. Your representative will recommend the proper dosage for your system and operating conditions.

CWT-230 is optimally fed directly from the shipping container to the circulating line or the tower basin via an automatic feed system. This maximizes results while allowing economical product use. It can also be hand fed via shot feeder. Your representative can recommend the appropriate equipment for your system.

Regular service calls will be made by your representative. Any recommendations and adjustments for correct use will be discussed with appropriate personnel at this time.

5 Gallon Pails
30 Gallon Drums
55 Gallon Drums